◇ It's always wise to invest on solar,for your business.
◇ Increase your business revence by invest on solar.
◇ become a electricity seller while buying electricity,enjoy your local FIT policy,run your green business.
With tax incentives, rebates, and a wide range of financing options available, installing solar is a sound investment.
Invest on solar while doing your current business, optimize your asset structure.
Aiduo is your reliable partner in commercial solar projects, with near 1GW solar module manufactured or OEMed. Your safety for solar investment is ensured from Aiduo.
Maximize your commercial solar system by using AiduoSmart Modules


AiduoSmart Series products with high efficiency and output optimized solar module, we are going to help you to harvest even more from the sun, enhence your return on invest of your home solar system.
The AiduoSmart Module is capable for both optimize and also indication, as well as improve your safety level of your solar system.
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