Aiduo PV received the IEC TS 62941 , IEC 61215, IEC 61730 Certificate issued by TüV Nord

Posted on 2018-5-22

AIDUO PV acquied IEC PV Industry Management system certificate, latest IEC product standard certificate and residential solar system certificate issued by TüV Nord, indicating that the product quality of AIDUO PV comprehensive strength successfully passed the audit in all aspects by the most authoritative test. As one of the leading photovoltaic company, AIDUO PV considers quality and client satisfaction as the first priority. We kept delivering Grade A modules to every client in the past 12 years.

The certificate presentation ceremony was held at the TüV booth of Shanghai exhibition. Mr. Fang Hua, Senior Sales Manager of TüV South Management Service Department and Mr. Zhang Zhulin, Operation Director of the Photovoltaic Business Department issued the certificate for Mr. Zhu Jianwu, the General Manager of AIDUO PV.

“It was great honor for AIDUO PV to receive the relevant certification from TüV. At the same time, it fully demonstrated the AIDUO PV modules are known for their reliability by this industry. We will always take product quality as the first priority and keep developing with the spirit of "AIDUO’s craftsman’s spirit".” Said by Mr. Zhu Jianwu, General Manager of AIDUO PV.
TüV NORD GROUP is a technical service provider with worldwide activities. Founded in 1869 and headquartered in Hanover, Germany. TüV NORD is now a Notified Body for certification of photovoltaic industry.

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