Aiduo solar has performed well in PV Magazine performance testing!

Posted on 2018-11-20
In 2018, the German PV- magazine (Photovoltaic Magazine, June-July) published the latest PV product test report, Polycrystalline and Monocrystalline solar module test results of Aiduo are on the list.

PV- magazine randomly selected 5 samples in 2000 serial numbers and sent them to a third-party authoritative laboratory for testing in Xian China. The test contents were low irradiance test, PID test, outdoor monitoring test and LID test, although the detection method was strict. Extremely, Aiduo solar module still stand out from many photovoltaic products.
As a global authoritative PV magazine organization, PV-magazine is a monthly trade publication for the international PV community in 2008. Up to now, there are 34,201 circulations, covering the United States, Germany, China, Australia, Mexico, India and In regions such as Latin America, PV-magazine has been tested and audited by more than 125 industry manufacturers as one of the most authoritative testing organizations in Asia and Europe.

Jiangsu Aiduo Photovoltaic Technology Co.,Ltd(here after AiduoPV) is a Renewable Energy comprehensive solution provider specialized in developing, construction, and operating, focusing on PV production R&D and application. Recent years AiduoPV has finished its internationalization and also provided reliable products and solutions to thousands of domestic PV systems. On our mission to provide renewable energy, AiduoPV insists on High quality, High Efficiency and Innovation, committed to deliver solar energy all over the world.
The road ahead is doomed to be fraught with difficulties, but AiduoPV has never stopped exploring the unknown, the social responsibility is always leading us to use our technology to serve the society, to create a low-carbon, blue sky and clear water environment.
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