Under the roof power shed, planting Nong Liang complementary energy resources to provide single crystal components for 5MW Qinghai Nong Guang complementary project.

Posted on 2016-6-1
Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County, Qinghai, the installation of 5MW single crystal agro optical complementary project which is supplied by AI energy is ending.
The project is located in the owner Sheng Tian agricultural planting base, using the photovoltaic power generation model combining the greenhouse and roof technology, making full use of the local solar energy resources to achieve the ceiling power generation, under shed cultivation and culture. It is understood that this project is currently the first photovoltaic grid agricultural base in Qinghai.
The project provided a AD270-60S60 single crystal high efficiency component for this project. When the owner chose the component factory in April, it encountered many problems: either the qualification of the component manufacturer, the quality of the product could not meet its requirements, or the price was too high to affect the economy of the project; and the delivery period could not be satisfied. Until the love of energy entered the owner's vision. From the first visit to the final order, it only took only less than a week, and the love energy also set up the production of horsepower, completed the production before the time of delivery required by the owner, and delivered the component to the project in time, and got the praise of the owner.
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